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Bad Relationships - a Diary (2018) digital print and acrylic spay on Tyvek paper, dimensions variable, edition of 10

A self published book which can be unfolded and used as a performance cloth or a personal diary

Bad relationships is a project that plays with the relation- ships that our bodies have with different tracking devic- es for our everyday activities. These small accessories (bracelets, clothes, chips) follow our steps, calories, pulse and sleep, how many water we drink and whether we are active enough. Some of them even manage to measure certain states of our nervous system.

By tracking different aspects of our everyday behaviours and conditions, these accessories transform them into units of measurement and into final results. These results can very easily be shared with others in various ways - online applications and profiles, clothing and accessories, whatever is considered more fashionable.

In the quest to knowing ourselves better, where do the requirements and the
constant expectations of final results, even from our own bodies, end?

How accurate can these measurements be, what are the important things that we want to keep track of in our ev- eryday life? Why are we invested in displaying the states of our bodies - and doing so fashionably?

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