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An Eternal Cocktail, cur. Daniela Radeva, “Vaska Emanouilova” gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2019-2020

In her new exhibition, An Endless Cocktail, Sophia Grancharova works with images that are taken from the fashion and advertising industries and the visual environment of today’s world. The artist uses them to explore modern cultural trends on a much larger scale and adds an intellectual underlay to the concept of beauty. What she offers is more than simple aesthetics, it is smart aesthetics.
The title An Endless Cocktail refers simultaneously to a large number of topics and may serve as a marker to the audience who take an interest in the difference between conceptual design and contemporary art working with objects and materials found in everyday life.

By using images, objects and interventions in the gallery space through a digitally augmented reality, Sophia Grancharova continues to evolve topics that have already marked her outstanding participations in several exhibitions in recent years. Her artistic style is distinguished by a delicate imagery, a flair for working with space, and resourceful visual and logical connections. She has a partiality for books and clothes and often uses them as an artistic form or material. Her works can sometimes be touched, even put on, which is deeply revealing about the potential substance of not only the images but the surfaces and materials as well.

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