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I consider architecture as a living organism. The city of Sofia is distinguished by its chaotic character and this is reflected in the works through form, color and dynamics. The modern city goes beyond cultural and aesthetic ideals, moved by active everyday life. Guided by the social and spatial changes, the city changes its

appearance and flows along with the flows of people.


In this current project, I use the technique of frottage, reflecting not only the sight of the visitors but also the sense of touch. I collected a number of various textures from the streets and building’s facades in the streets of Sofia. These textures were after printend into temporary tattoos, put onto the siliconce “clothes”. Thes “clothes” objects were made by applying liquid silicone onto my own body and waiting for the material to harden. This technique allowed me to have and imprint of a human body’s skin textures, as well as it was a way for the silicone pieces to be put together into “clothes” . All this resulted in a meeting point between the city’s skin and the human sking, between the architectural and the human body, a game of scale, closeness and various urban orders.


Fabrics and textures are interspersed with siliconetextures that reflect the decentralized nature of the city and the seemingly aimless and chaotic movement of its inhabitants.

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