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“Points of contact’’

Self Published Book (2016) edition of 30,

22cm x 18cm soft cover, paper and fabrics, 36 pages 

At the moment of the creation of this work, I was teaching swing and jazz dance at a local association in France. The images from this book have been taken while I was documenting a workshop for swing dances. As those are dances in a couple, there are always two roles for the two people dancing together - a leader and a follower. In order for the leader to pass all the information for a movement to the follower, he/she touches the follower’s arm, shoulder or back. Those moments of contact last no longer than a second but contain all the information that is needed in order for the couple to communicate trough their bodies and to dance together. In the book, the images of the “Points of contact” are accompanied by some notes and instructions that me and the other teachers at the association have written down in order to explain these figures and dances. A couple of pages made from fabric appear somewhere between the images because the “touch” is no less important than the “see”. 

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