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“Points of contact” is a performance or the act of reading a system for writing down dance movements.
In 2016, while teaching and practicing swing and jazz dance, I got the question of how to write down the movements that I know. Despite the large number of the already existing systems and languages for describing, visualising, interpreting and documenting a human move- ment, there isn’t a one and only system that is used by everybody (like in music, for an example).

The link between a categorisation of a movement and it’s visual Illustration is variable and very subjective.
I decided to create my own system for writing down a movement. It’s only purpose is the desire to have a peronal explaination of human movement, basic colors and forms.
The system has been explained in a booklet. I have produced a number of clothes with some notations on the backs. In this way, the notation or “the poem” is not between two pages but between two people. 

Photos : Michèle Gottstein

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